This page contains a library of all of the free products I have produced as resources, along with details about what I personally consider to be some of the best tools & products around. *Some links may be indicated as affiliate links, which just means that I will get a small reward (at no extra cost to you) when you make a purchase. The integrity of my expressions is NOT influenced by these types of relationships though. I personally use–and love–ALL of these products and services myself, and I share them all with you with great reviews!

Substack Newsletter Operations HQ ClickUp Template (FREE)

The exact template that I built and use daily inside of my Workspace to organize and streamline all the processes of running my newsletter

Home Environment Safety Checklist (FREE)

This invaluable resource will empower you to transform your home into a secure haven where your child will safely thrive!

The Weekend Wellness Challenge (FREE)

Finally place yourself as a priority and join this challenge to nurture your parental wellbeing by taking regular actionable steps.


ClickUp is my Project Management tool and I can’t sing its praises enough. ClickUp holds *every* bit of information that I need in order to operate and manage my business.

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Confidence in ClickUp Course

ClickUp comes with a certain… learning curve. Kaci Ackerman does an excellent job here of taking every topic and explaining it–easy-style. She makes it more-than possible to master.

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I host my entire site on this one, single platform. The features are beyond generous at the freemium tier and the very modest fees are literally unbelievable in comparison.

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Novo Bank

I’ve been with this business bank for a long time now for a reason. It was easy to get set up and I love the powerful features, like automatic savings for tax time. Have $40, on me!

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Create Your "Parental Wellbeing Master Plan" e-Course

For Moms who need to prioritize their wellbeing and create a personalized plan today!

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